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What is the difference between Uber, Lyft & Payless Taxi Rates?

Each ride share company rates reflect the time of day you are commuting. For example, if your going downtown from the North Side of San Antonio around 6am, you may be paying as low as $2.50.. However, once rush hour traffic begins, the rates will change and regarding how many passengers are riding, you may see an increase in prices.

Payless Taxi has the best cab fares San Antonio, Texas!

With our App, you can enjoy the cheapest cab fares averaging at $2.35 per mile most of the day, from 7am-7pm you can get around town for discounted rates for 12 hours out of the day.

Want better Rates?

We offer more economical rates by reserving your taxi through the Payless Taxi App.

Download our Payless Taxi App and receive discounted rates that beat other Taxis!

Using App is only $2.35 per mile!

You must order your taxi through the Payless Taxi App to receive the discounted rate of $2.35 / per mile service rates.

…our Taxi Cab Services & Rates:

Computerized dispatch taxicab service with Global Positioning System ensures prompt response time.
ALL passengers can ride for the price of ONE.
24 / 7 Services.
All vehicles are expertly maintained and professionally cleaned.
Advance Taxi reservations are accepted.
All major credit cards accepted.
Monthly billing on corporate and professional charge accounts.
All vehicles are operated by independent contractor drivers.
Wheelchair acc. taxicabs are available with advance reservations.