Beware my fellow cab drivers, there are some scrupulous people out there. In San Antonio, there is an article about a cab driver who was assaulted and robed of his taxi cab.

According the the cab driver, the passenger was providing directions but no address and began to make the driver suspicious.  When the driver took the nearest exit, that’s when the passenger attacked him.

The driver was fortunate enough to escape into a nearby gas station, however his taxi was stolen.

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What is a real shame, is that San Antonio is a beautiful city with wonderful people and this scoundrel does not represent the real people of SA.

Driving in a taxi all day in hard traffic is stressful enough, and to be weary of some dirt bag assaulting and robing you of your lively hood is just down right wrong.

We at ETI do our best to be vigilant and learn how to read people; we actually train our drivers how to do this.

Just as law enforcement has to deal with a diverse set of public each day, so do our taxi drivers. Difference is, law enforcement is trained and armed to deal with situations. We cab drivers are merely earning an honest living, helping people get to where they need to on a daily basis.

How do you stay safe driving a taxi cab?

Safety Tips For Fellow Cab Drivers

  • attentionUse your intuition when picking up your passenger(s).
  • Learn to “read” or “study” your customer.
  • Share your location with dispatch at all times.
  • Put a tracker on your vehicle.
  • Make sure your windows are rolled up with doors locked, until you can confirm your fare.
  • Always be alert and aware.
  • Do not display any cash or money.
  • Remember your emergency procedures.
  • Be careful when passengers are seated behind you.
  • Try to maintain eye contact and keep customer in site.
  • Never drive into dark alleys or an unknown location.
  • Always stay calm and don’t be aggressive or argumentative.
  • Always be extra careful at night.
  • If you’re being robbed, don’t panic or resist, just co-operate and wait till you can inform law enforcement.

ETI Limousine & Charter Services perform background checks on all there drivers, so you know your in safe hands with