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This is why background checks are important!

In San Antonio, (I’m sure other cities also) an Uber driver was arrested for sexually assaulting a passenger.

Apparently, the Uber driver told police that he gave the woman a ride home. He then helped her inside because she was inebriated. Drunk or not, totally unprofessional for anyone in transportation service to take advantage of a customer.

Even if the client was consensual during her state of mind. This Uber driver is in real trouble. There are a lot of people out in this city, not all are like this Uber driver. It is however, a reminder to us all that we must be diligent with our surroundings. It’s very unfortunate that this young lady endured the traumatic experience of being sexually assaulted.

Beware of Uber & Lyft. They do not pertain to the same type of background checks that we here at Payless Taxi perform on all our drivers.

In conclusion, there are some instances where getting an Uber or Lyft may be in your interest, depending on the day and event your attending. Regardless of what company your riding with, its best to have a plan in place for someone to provide a welfare check. Whether it’s in person, via law enforcement or just a simple phone call, let’s do our best to protect those we care about.

Here are a few Ride Sharing Safety Tips

  • Verify that the driver is whom is the person that is supposed to be servicing you.
  • Never offer cash, payments are made via there app.
  • Ride in the backseat and be sure you can operate your doors and that the child safety lock is not enabled.
  • Notify a friend or loved one that you are traveling via ride share, so they may perform welfare check if they don’t hear back from you.
  • Always follow your intuition and trust your instinct.
  • Beware of any personal information you share with the driver.
  • If your able, try following your route via GPS with your smart phone.
  • Always wear your seatbelt.

Click here to read more from KSAT 12.

If you want to guarantee a timely and safe arrival, then travel with ETI.

ETI Limousine & Charter Services performs background checks on all our drivers, so you can be assured you will have a comfortable, safe commute.